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Disk seeder Mistral 6-D compact

Trailer pneumatic seeder Mistral 6-D Compact Circular intended for sowing all types agricultures with a grain size from 1 to 10 mm.

Used for sowing crops such as poppy seeds, canola, flax, coriander, grass, radish, vetch, wheat, rye, oats, barley, soybeans, beans, etc.

  • Dispensers Agrofinal-Mistral. 
  • Width of 6 meters. 
  • Capacity up to 8 m / h. 
  • Hopper capacity  1х1200 l. 
  • Seeding rate from 1.8 to 400 kg / ha. 
  • Aisle width 12.5 cm 
  • Aggregated with a 82 hp tractor.

The fan is offered in two versions.

The first version of the drive: as shown below, provided by the PTO.

The second option for drills in conjunction with Ground manufacturing equipment, hydraulic set.

Coulter disc, an adapted for medium-hard soil. Used for both small and large agricultures.

S-shaped levelers mounted behind the disc coulters.

Drilling depth adjustment knob.

Hydraulic control markers.

Additional equipment:

  • Sensor control seeding;
  • Sensor availability of seeds in the hopper;
  • Gektarometr (mechanical / electronical);
  • Cutter production line.

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