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Agrofirma Arkona is a modern engineering company. The main areas of activity of Agrofirma Arkona are production and sale of seeding equipment "Mistral", its maintenance, after-sales maintenance, production of spare parts for seeders  «Mistral». The company has stable industrial relations with the famous European firm Agrofinal. The production of a modern, easy to use, high quality seeding equipment "Mistral" is the result of cooperation Air Seeder Mistral is designed for sowing all kinds of crops with grain size from 1 to 10 mm. It is used for sowing crops such as poppy, canola, flax, coriander, grass etc. Dispensers manufactured by Mistral used in the production of seeding machinery "Mistral", have excellent reputation not only in Europe but also in other continents. Pneumatic coulter system avoids mechanical damage of seeds. It distributes seeds between coulters and more accurately locates them in the soil. Such a system is certainly an advance in the development of seeding machinery. Using high-quality dispensers helps to use seeds much more economically. This in turn leads to a reduction of its cost and increased productivity, and consequently, to increased income of farmers. Seeding machines of "Mistral" series can, optionally, be equipped with anchor and disc coulters. The producer is especially proud of disc coulters. Each drill is equipped with four bearings (two on each disc) and a seal that helps protect the drill from the influence of atmospheric moisture, dust etc. At high humidity, the system that cleans discs from sticking soil and seeds is used. There is a reflector in each coulter that prevents seeds blowing by air flow. It improves the accuracy of sowing and, consequently, yields. Product quality, reasonable pricing, qualified professionals working closely with consumers of its products are the reason of our success in the market of agricultural machinery. The staff of our agricultural firm is combined by lofty goal - to work steadily increasing production volumes with Ukrainian high-quality products to meet the needs of farmers in sowing equipment sized from 2.5 to 8 meters. In modern conditions, the market is impossible without targeted marketing policy. Given this, Agrofirma Arkona constantly participates in both regional and international agricultural exhibitions. Evidence of this are the numerous awards.



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