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Mistral 6-D Maestro

We are glad to suggest you a  new trailed pneumatic seeder Mistral 6-D Maestro, which is designed for sowing all kinds of plants with grain size from 1mm to 10mm (cereals, pulses, oilseeds and vegetables).

The main units of the seeder are a sowing frame, a fan, a hopper, a feeder,  sowing devices (shoes) and markers.

The frame  of the seeder  is a spatial construction, welded from closed profiles. The hopper, the fan, sowing machines, the disk type markers, a beam which folds hydraulically,  hydraulic chassis for easy transportation are attached to the frame.

The fan engine  is made after a GDP tractor. The torque is transmitted via the drive shaft and the belt drive. The fan creates the airflow required to move and homogenious distribution of seeds.

Conventionally the seeder has a hopper, divided into two pyramidal forms with the volume  of 3000l, welded from steel. The bunker  is covered with rubberized textiles and inside with the iron grid that is designed to prevent the entry of the large objects into the dosing device.

The dosing devices are of chamber type  placed under the hopper.

The distributor evenly distributes and  homogeniously delivers grain and fertilizer to the seedtubes, which help the seed to get to the sowing devices.

The sowing devices (shoes) are two of disk type and they are  attached to the supporting beams.

The seeder is sold  together with two markers  of disk type. Lifting and lowering  of the markers  is done by the tractor hydraulic system.

It also contains  the system of seeding control, the sensor of seed in the hopper, the sensor  of the fan  turns and a hektarometer.